About Us

We currently lead kayak and canoe tours on over 40 waterways throughout North Florida. The kayak and canoe trips listed on our “Launch Menu” have been selected to give a full representation of North Florida’s rich variety of waterways. Cypress swamps, hardwood swamps, river hardwood forests, darkwater rivers, spring runs and marshes are among the variety of habitats we explore. With a legacy of prehistoric inhabitants and human history and their enchanting natural beauty, each of these wetlands is unique. And, each is the happy home to a fascinating array of plants and animals.

* See an article about us and our tours in the February, 2009 edition of National Geographic Adventure Magazine.

Our Guides


Most Adventure Outpost tours are led by Lars Andersen, author of the North Florida Adventure, an educational audio cassette, self-guided tour of north Florida (Grinnin’ Lizard Productions, Dallas, TX, 1988) and Paynes Prairie: A History of the Great Savanna. (Pineapple Press, Sarasota, Florida, 2001 (hardback), 2nd edition, 2004 (softback). His most recent project, The Paddlers Guide to the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail, was published in March 2009 by the Suwannee River Water Management District. With over thirty five years experience in exploring Florida’s wildest places, Lars’ knowledge and understanding of the area’s cultural and natural history helps make each of our tours a meaningful and educational exploration of the ‘real’ Florida.

See Lars’ blog at: Adventour Outpost Blog

Occasionally, we bring in “guest guides” with expertise in fields like birding, plant identification, edible wild plants, archaeology, history and others. Watch the Calendar for these special trips.